Our Team

Olajide Oladejo

Generative Seed Production Agronomist

Olajide Oladejo is the Generative Seed Production Agronomist. He maintains the genetic purity of all IITA GoSeed varieties, coordinates all seed production activities (vegetative, reproductive and maturity stages) to ensure certification standard.

Olajide Oladejo coordinates all vegetative seed production activities to ensure certification standard. He is adept at deploying qualitative and quantitative protocols to optimize all aspects of crop and field activities with specialty in rice, maize and soybean seed production.

Mr. Oladejo holds degrees in MSc. (Crop Science) and BSc. (Agronomy) both from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Prior to joining IITA GoSeed, Olajide was a Research Associate at Africa Rice Center where he was a key member of a team tasked with establishing a system to rejuvenate and maintain genetic purity of rice breeder seeds under the USAID funded Seed Scaling Project in Nigeria. Olajide has also worked at DuPont-Pioneer, Nigeria as the Parent Seed Agronomist where he was responsible for the management of the production technology for hybrid maize and sorghum seeds and for the development of standard procedures to enhance the shelf life of the parent lines and hybrids produced. He has also worked as Research Supervisor on the Drought Tolerant Maize for Africa (DTMA) and Stress Tolerance Rice for Africa and South Asia (STRASA) projects sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in IITA and AfricaRice respectively.

Olajide is highly skilled in project development, budgeting and implementation and facilitation of training methods for field technicians, youth entrepreneurs and local farmers.